The idea of a new product is either born through progressive thinking of an individual or evolved organically through market demand (B2C, B2B). It can be an upgrade of the existing generic product by new design or new functionalities, or a completely new, unprecedented idea developed from scratch. Our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers will help you clear, evaluate and drive your idea to the “develop it”, “change it” or “abandon it” stage.



Once the decision has been made and a prospective idea is ready for the next stage, it needs to be designed so as not to lose its original design and functionality yet still consider the limitations set by the technology and material characteristics. To make sure every single detail fits into the concept without losing any of its properties, our construction engineers develop a 3D CAD model. Before moving to the next phase, a 3D model is checked thoroughly with the client.



The prototype phase is extremely important when finding out whether every purpose of the new product was defined correctly. Even if the graphic visualization in the previous phase revealed virtually every issue, it is only the first prototype that can offer the full experience through looking and holding it. The lines, curves and angles suddenly provide a new perspective, whereby the ratios between the main dimensions and details can appear differently. Another consultation and the client's final confirmation are needed before moving to the next phase.



The own tool-production department is one of our greatest advantages. Through the long decades of our operation, we have come to a realisation that it is essential for the future of our company to become self-sufficient in this field, so we have been investing considerably in both the human resources as well as technology to achieve the desired quality in the shortest time possible. Today, we are happy to say that Plastoform has one of the most advanced tool shop units in the industry of acrylics, and what is more important, we can offer one of the most competitive full R&D services in terms of the price, performance and time ratio.



To achieve maximum flexibility in combination with tool making unit, we are strategically oriented towards the low-and mid-quantity production, whereby we are committed to the highest quality of products and services, which we are constantly monitoring, analysing and upgrading. Constant investments provide us with cutting-edge production technology, as we believe this is the only way to support our excellent partners in the long term.